Fastpack 2.1

The eveloution of one of the most innovative pool bags in Arena's range. Fastpack 2.1 is equipped with a 'space management system', that allows you to hang and display it, in a 'shelf-like' fashion.


  • Cuboard construction - able to hang up and use it like a cupboard.
  • Reinforced bottom compartment
  • Built-in carabiner.
  • Large compartment on the back.
  • 2-level compartment on the front.
  • 2 mesh poclets on the side.
  • Harness strap system.
  • Mesh-padded back panel and straps.
  • Revised construction of straps makes it more comfortable when bottom pocket is not full.
  • Heavy Duty pocket for footwear designied for changing room environment.
  • Large enough to fit a kickboard.
  • Ventilation for moisture control.
  • 40% Polyester 60% Nylon.
  • Dimensions 40cm X 35cm X55cm
  • 45L capacity.

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Item Code: 1E388

The Arena Fastpack 2.1 is a large backpack specifically designed for swimmers and triathletes. This rucksack is ideal for taking all you swimming kit and training aids to the pool




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